The concept behind The Dine table is to create a relaxed and friendly environment for people to hang out. Its neutral presence gives it the capacity to adapt itself to any kind of situation. It can be used anywhere, from someone’s home, to a restaurant, a hotel or other types of commercial establishments, as long as the idea is to provide a cool and relaxed moment.
The built-in ice bucket at the center makes it accessible to everyone, keeping the beverages cool the whole time. The ice bucket can be removed or the cork at its end can be pulled out to drain it, making it easier to reuse the water to other purposes.
Dimensions: ø130cmx75cm
Material: Marine plywood, with a white lacquered top.
Ice bucket: Inox
For: Interior and exterior.
Made for Madeiguincho
SMALL  The Dine 07
SMALL The Dine 05

photos by Joana Soda

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